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Today, to even think of starting something from scratch can feel like climbing a mountain, and rightfully so, for the kind of competition, there is in various business niches. However, no obstacles can ever be big enough for those who are determined to build a flourishing career for themselves. There are many who wish to create their careers in the world of food and beverages and open their own restaurants to make their unique place in the industry and serve customers with the best food ever. But before that, it is essential to understand a few things that must be avoided in the restaurant business that can act as roadblocks for aspiring restaurant entrepreneurs.

Sharmistha Ghosh, a Restaurant Supervisor from Toronto, Canada, and most importantly, a food lover, has come forward to share her views on the same. She gives out a few important points below to keep in mind –

1.    Not focusing on idea execution: Many entrepreneurs plan a lot for running and growing their restaurants by churning our great ideas for their business; however, they fail when it comes to the execution of the same. The key is to plan in detail, right from staff management, industry analysis to finance, and much more, to make sure their idea works for their business.

2.    Following the crowd: It has been noticed that many restaurateurs fail in the business because they try to follow what other restaurant business owners do for running their respective restaurants. Ghosh points out that it is essential for people to focus on their missions and visions and work towards it to build their unique presence, even amidst competition.

3.    Not focusing enough on the back-end: Most of these entrepreneurs often concentrate more on making incredible interiors, opening it on a great location, marketing, etc., but they hardly pay attention to what goes at the back-end, which consists of the staff, inventory, stock materials, kitchen equipment and the like. Proper coordination is what needed between the front of the house and the back-end to ensure the restaurant becomes a success.


4.    Lack of consistency: Consistency in delivering what they offer with the highest-quality standards and experiences is what most restaurants fail at. This consistency is what they need to work around more to maintain an excellent performance level and make customers feel valued.

Sharmistha Ghosh at the age of 19, was a single mother, from Shantipur in West Bengal. She relocated to Kolkata for a job while still being a teenager. With her curiosity in the world of glamour, she fostered her personality by modeling looks. With her dedication towards the fashion world, she participated in the “King Fisher Calendar Model” content in 2011 and even was among the top five King Fisher Models. In spite of her great work in modelling she decided to turn her career towards entrepreneurship and started her own restaurant in Goa called “Our Shack” in North Goa, launched in 2011. With no time her innovative ideas took the attention of tourists towards her restaurant and became popular in the city. It was also awarded by Goa Tourism for best ambiance and service.

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