Fuel Price Today: Diesel inches closer to 100/litre mark in Mumbai; check revised rates

fuel price today
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Fuel Price Today: Diesel inches closer to 100/litre mark in Mumbai

As fuel prices in the country are perpetually soaring high, a further hike was recorded on Friday as the price of diesel in Mumbai hovers near 100-mark after a rise of 37 paise per litre and is currently being sold at Rs 99.92 per litre. In Mumbai, the petrol prices stand at Rs 109.54 per litre after a hike of 29 paise per litre. The petrol price is at Rs 103.54 per litre in the national capital with an increase of 30 paise per litre, while the diesel rates were hiked by 35 paise from Rs 92.12 per litre.

In Kolkata, one-litre petrol is available Rs 104.23 and one-litre diesel will cost Rs 95.23 whereas in Chennai, one-litre petrol is available at Rs 101.01 and diesel at Rs 96 per litre.

Rates have been increased across the country and differ from state to state depending on the incidence of value-added tax. The fuel prices continue to soar across the country and have crossed Rs 100 in many states.

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